Choosing the Perfect Dirt Bike for 14-Year-Olds

Dirt biking is a great hobby. It requires agility and fantastic athleticism. This hobby contains many risks along with these skills, so it is crucial to have a suitable dirt bike for each person. Getting a dirt bike for teenagers from 14 years old to 18 years old is not easy. As of several choices, so there is a lot to think about.

I can still remember how we struggled when I was buying a bike for my nephew. This article will help you decide what dirt bike you should get for a 14 years old kid.

Here we will learn about dirt bikes and figure out what dirt bikes should a 14 years old kid get? by considering different factors.

What dirt bike should a 14 years old get?

One of the best options for a 14 years old is Razor MX350. I recommend this, as it is a top choice for a teenager. There are many factors, which make it the top priority for 14 years old kids.

Razor MX 350 is an excellent bike. It has unique features, making it a suitable bike for teenagers. It has an electric motor, which gives it a speed of 14 miles per hour. It has a weight capacity of 140 pounds.

There are some significant factors that are essential to consider before buying a dirt bike for a 14 years kid. After experiencing them personally, I have discovered these factors, so hold tight because things are about to get very interesting.

How to choose a dirt bike for 14 years, old teenagers?

Nowadays, dirt bikes are very innovative. They have high-quality endurance, power, stability, and torque. A teenager of 14 years requires a dirt bike off a minimum 100cc engine. However, the choice of the dirt bike highly depends on the ability and physique of the child. In this scenario, the dirt bike depends on three major factors, which are mentioned below.



As I have mentioned, dirt biking requires safety measures, as it is a dangerous sport. To ensure the safety of a person, height matters a lot. Height makes it easier to figure out the suitable dirt bike for anyone. Back in the days, when we were buying the dirt bike for my nephew, we made him sit on each dirt bike and see if he can touch the ground. As he was short, he faced problems while touching the ground by his on most bikes.

So, I would recommend that get the 14 years old sit on the bike and see if one-third of his feet can touch the ground because some 14 years old teenagers are big according to their age, and some are small. This is the best way to understand if the dirt bike is suitable.


Weight is a significant factor to consider while choosing a dirt bike. Weight relates straight to the amount of suspension, and a dirt bike needs a healthy amount of suspension. It is essential because it changes significantly depending on whether your child is light in weight (100 pounds) or heavy (200 pounds).

We bought a 400 ccs dirt bike for my nephew, but he faced difficulties while handling it as he was very skinny, because if the kid is 150 pounds or less, he will need a dirt bike of 250 ccs or below. Conversely, if the kid is chubby, he will probably need a 250cc to 450 ccs dirt bike.


Experience is a critically important factor when choosing a dirt bike for the 14 years old kid. The experience level will help you figure out which bike can be easily handled by the kid. For the kids with less experience, automatic dirt bikes with speed transmission will be a better option. As I said, my nephew faced many problems handling the dirt bike until we changed his bike because he was a beginner and skinny.

Weight and height play an essential role in choosing the bike, but no matter if the kid is chubby and tall, the experience level plays a deciding factor for choosing the kid’s dirt bike. In my opinion, if the kid is a beginner and he is heavy or tall, a 250 or 400cc bike would be decisive for them, but if he is experienced, then 250+ cc would be best for him.

Things to Consider:

Other than height, weight, and experience, there are a few things that might help you choose the dirt bike. These things will help you find a comfortable and suitable bike and the top bike in appearance, which will please the kid. The following are the things to consider before choosing a bike.

Seat height:

One thing to keep in mind while choosing a bike for the 14 years old kid is he might be shorter or taller. They can also be heavy or light, proving that age is not the criteria to look for. That’s why to look for seat height. The best way is to let the kid sit on the bike like we did when I was buying the dirt bike for him.


The bike’s appearance should also be considered before choosing the bike because a nice looking bike would please the kid. The dirt bike’s color and appearance would be more interesting for kids than the performance or any technical aspect from my personal experience.

Transmission System:

Dirt bikes have different transmission systems—automatic, semi-auto, and manual. If the dirt bike you are looking for is for the 14 years old kid. It would be best if you always looked for the automatic dirt bikes. Because I have seen many kids getting injured due to manual dirt bikes as they are tough to handle.


There are two types of engines two-stroke or four-stroke. For a 14 years old teenager four-stroke engine dirt bike is a better option because it delivers power on the rotation to both the crankshafts. This is the reason for the smooth acceleration.


Last but not least, the price of the dirt bike. The price of the bikes varies from time to time. If there are two bikes with the same features, one can be cheaper, and the other can be expensive. Most of the time, dirt bikes with more features are costly. If the kid is a beginner, the dirt bike of 200 to 300 dollars is more than enough.

I would suggest you don’t go for advanced features and brands and get an attractive and straightforward dirt bike.

Top Dirt bikes for a 14 years old kid:

The following are some of the best dirt bikes for 14 years old kid. I have ever seen.

Yamaha YZ125:

Yamaha YZ125 is one of the finest bikes Yamaha has produced. It has a gorgeous design. It is built from high-quality material. It has an aluminum frame that protects from the scratches. It is one of the best options for a 14 years old kid because of its unique features.


  • The seat height of 38.4 inches.
  • Lightweight (207 pounds).
  • Fuel capacity (8 liters).
  • Strong and powerful engine.
  • Six transmission speeds.
  • Powerful brake system.
  • Beautiful colors Blue and white.
  • Relatively cheap.

Honda CRF230F:

Honda CRF230F is a popular choice. It is probably the best dirt bike for teenagers of 14 to 18 years of age. It is relatively heavy. The beautiful design is quite attractive. The high-quality steel body protects the dirt bike as dirt biking is a rough sport; the steel body helps protect the body and make it a durable bike. In fact, the first dirt bike we bought for our nephew was this dirt bike. I would highly recommend this bike for a 14 years old kid as it is a fantastic dirt bike because of its features.


  • Height of the seat 34.6.
  • Four-stroke engines.
  • High fuel capacity of 1.9 gallons.
  • Six transmission speeds.
  • Quality breaks.
  • Very cheap.
  • Comes in attractive Red and white colors.

Suzuki DR-Z125:

Suzuki DR-Z125 is a premium dirt bike for 14 years, old kids. The bike is built from high-quality material. It is specially designed for off-road riding. It only consists of an ignition system.

It has a diamond frame built from high-quality material. The frame protects the body of the dirt bike. It has other unique features also.


  • Thirty-two inches of the seat.
  • Five-speed transmission.
  • Lightweight (89 kg).
  • High-quality electrical system.
  • Comes in stunning Yellow, white, and Black colors.

These are some best dirt bikes for 14 years old kid other than Razor MX350.


Dirt biking is an amazing and exciting sport. However, dirt biking includes a lot of risks, so safety measures are essential for this sport. The first step in taking safety measures is to choose a suitable dirt bike, which is the most challenging task, especially for teenagers in 14 to 18 years of age, because mostly they have just started to take an interest in this sport, and all of them are beginners.

There are three significant factors for choosing the dirt bike for them: weight, height, experience level, and other minor factors. I would highly recommend getting an attractive dirt bike for a 14 years old kid, as they are more interested in the bike’s appearance.

This article discussed the factors to consider before getting a dirt bike for a 14 years old kid and explored some top recommended dirt bikes for 14 years, old kids. Hopefully, this article will be fruitful to you. Please share your opinion about this article in the comment section.