Business Plan Consultants in Los Angeles

If you want to take a new business startup or have some desires to take your existing one to the peak of success, then a business plan consultant is vital. You can say that the addition of a business plan consultant in your firm or company is an excellent step for your company’s success.

There are a large number of business plan consultants all overall the globe. But here in this article, we will talk about the high ranked business plan consultants in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is considering an entertainment city globally. It is also recognized as a home for many business companies from different cities. Los Angeles possesses many companies handling pressing problems, so you can say that many business companies require consultation in Los Angeles.

So gave a glance at the list mentioned below, you will get the correct information about the best-ranked business plan consultation firms in Los Angeles.


Below are the top 6 business consulting high ranked firms that will boost your know-how about business and how you can take your place to the peak of success.

  • Scorpion
  • RSC Business consultancy
  • ZAD Consulting Group
  • Westside Financial Services
  • Armanino
  • A23 Advisors

1. Scorpion:

LOCATION: This firm is present in Valencia, CA.


It is one of the high-ranked consultancy firms. It is a technology and marketing consultancy firm that provides the best services for helping its clients in all possible ways to reach a broad audience. Using new digital marketing ideas, this high ranked firm works with clients cooperatively to have accurate information about their aims and implement the marketing techniques for their business success.


It is a marketing, digital media firm.


The firm worked with many companies like franchise industries, medical, legal, hospital, and home services.

2. RSC Business Consultancy Group:

LOCATION: Los Angeles, California.


It is a consulting and coaching full-service firm, with many consultants who possess a variety of expertise to help the companies develop their businesses and bring them to a high level of success. This firm has the expertise that provides its services for small business managers, entrepreneurs, individuals, and executives alike. It helps those individuals or companies improve their business and want to enhance their knowledge and experience in their practical life.


Work for Marketing consultancy, business coaching, custom life design services.


Works with small business owners, executives, entrepreneurs are taking the advice of RSC experts for improvement and success in both their business and their lives.



It locates in Calabasas, CA Los Angeles.


Knowledge about the nature of the business, their strategical requirements, and smooth execution are the main aims of the ZAD consulting group, and they give their 100% in solving the issues of their clients.  Many experts are there with their advisory services for the client guidance to take some crucial steps, make a full plan, and implement that plan, which will transform their business and provide them a path of success.


Work to establish a unified business culture, bringing morality, management, and productive communication in business.


It is obvious how successful this consultancy firm is.



This firm locates in Los Angeles, Southern California.


Mainly it is a tax, accounting, and financial consultancy firm having 30 years of experience. Their broad tax and financial planning operations play an essential role in helping clients fulfill their objectives and long-term goals. This firm believes that its main success lies in the success of their clients. So for that, they offer well developed strategic plans for the success of their client’s businesses. It helps those individuals or companies improve their business and want to enhance their knowledge and experience in their practical life.


Work for tax advisory, financial planning, business management, home loans, Debt consolidation, and improvement. The primary specialty of this firm is that it hardly works for financial success and stability.

WESTSIDE Works With:

They provide services to many finance industries, businesses, and tax institutions, with a lot of experience and acceptance to more than 20 lenders and their more extensive portfolio of goods that give an idea to the business organization that how they gain grows their business become successful.



Its location in Downtown Los Angeles.


It is considered as one of the most significant independent business and accounting consultant high ranked firms in Los Angeles, which got 5 out of 5 stars in a review.

Armanino gives an extensive audit, consultant business management, tax, and solving domestic and international clients issues with perfect technology solutions. This firm is working with approximately 100 or plus organizations throughout the globe. It provides a bundle of services such as estate and trust planning, financial audit statements, and cooperate tax, etc.


It focuses on Communication, Energy Tech, Biotech, Software, and Electronics.


The companies or clients who benefit from their perfect consultancy services for their business success include communication firms, biopharma firms, software institutions, electronic distributors, and solar firms.



Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, is the central location of this firm.


It is a boutique firm that consults its clients to launch products, link with the audience, go to the market, get a customer, and disrupt industries. A23advisors also maintain a plethora of certifications, which possess PMMI, LinkedIn advertising, and Shopify websites. This firm is large enough to affect startups and bring more than 500 companies in the way of success.

This firm is also an award-winning boutique firm that enhances its client business knowledge with advisory strategies and expert consultants.


Works for Loyalty, Hospitality, Financial Services, Entertainment, e-commerce, health, global coverage Silicon Valley networks, etc. It is one of the high-ranked consultancy firms in Los Angeles and got the best review from companies who took their services and got great success.


Work with Sojern, Guide point, Voyager HQ, Tobin Leadership, and Revinate.

What is the function of a business plan consultant?

It is a firm that contains experts related to the business world and has vast knowledge about how to make a business successful. Business consultant firms give guidance, professional advice, and perfect solutions for business-related complicated problems that the companies themselves fail to handle. Every company faces one or another problem, so business consultant firms help them tackle those issues and take their companies to a high market position for better competition and success in the business world.

What is the process a business consultant follow?

  • You can say that a business plan consultancy firms follow some necessary steps:
  • Firstly, there will be a face to face interaction between the client and the consultant.
  • The second step is the consultant tries to get all the necessary information about the client company. At this stage, the consultant and client boast up their interaction and share what they have in their minds. Like where the company stands at present and the purposes, needs, and requirements for its improvement for success.
  • In the third step, there will be a contract held among consultants and clients. The consultant notes the problem, the client’s primary goals for his company, milestones, etc.
  • In the fourth step, the consultant analyzes and focuses on the client problem. He diagnoses the situation, analyzes it profoundly, and gives the best possible solution. Different techniques are used in this diagnosis.
  • The fifth step is the reporting step. In which the recommendation is present. And the client is called for giving a response to the problem presentation.
  • In the sixth step, the client implements the strategies which are suggested by the consultant. By this, both client and consultant can see the feasibility of proposed plans and whether they are useful for its improvement or not. And if the strategies work and bring some positive change in the client’s company, it will be a great honor for the consultancy firm because, according to them, their main success lies in the client’s success.


So in this article, I have discussed in detail the leading business plan consultant firms in Los Angeles. There are many consultancy firms in Los Angeles, but here we have chosen some of them, which play an excellent role in the success and improvement of many companies in Los Angeles and worldwide. Los Angeles possesses high ranked consultancy firms that keep experts that provide their remarkable services for many business companies like health, VC networks, e-commerce, marketing, digital media, and much more.

After having an overview of this article, I hope you will know about the top-ranked business plan consultant firms in Los Angeles.  These firms can also help your company or business succeed if you consult with any one of the above. According to your company’s structure, your company’s needs, and what kind of consultant you should hire for your company’s improvement and success.